We are always on the look out for game-changing talent. If you prefer collaboration to hierarchy, openness and free-thinking to old, stale routines, or if you like winning the odd foosball game or the odd award (yes, we’ve got those too) get in touch.



Now that we’ve got your attention, we’ll admit it: Beyoncé does not work here. But we like to think of our clients as the Beyoncés of brands. And the projects we work on are pretty award-worthy too. Not multi-Grammy-Award winning, per se, but we’ve got a few Emmys (and Webbys - The Oscars of the Internet) under our belts.

Benefit No. 2


Sure, we have those typical basic benefits parents seem to love (Dental, Vision, Health) as well as some great vacation pay. But we also have some of those “Standard” industry perks, with all the T1M trimmings

  • Burritos (and authentic ones too) on the reg
  • Almonds and other low cal snacks for the health nuts among us, and brewskies for everybody else
  • Exclusive sneak peeks at emerging tools and tech.(Part of the perks of being Adobe Preferred Agency and SoDA members.)
  • Quarterly Agency Days where we close the office and nerd out on whatever speaks to us as an agency: planning, innovation, Star Wars...
  • Curling. We are most definitely trying that soon.




We like to think of ourselves as a bit of a “family.” No not that type of “family.” (Tony Soprano-types need not apply.) More like a family of like-minded individuals who genuinely value and support each other. Simply put: we hire nice people who you’ll want to be friends with. And in a world where a lot of us spend a lot of time at the office, that’s a kind of “family” worth fighting for.

Why The1stMovement
Current Openings

We’re always looking to meet new people and see how we can work together. Feel free to drop us a line to meet up over coffee or whiskey (Dealer’s Choice).