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With billions of spectators around the world, the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games were one of the most-viewed sporting events of the decade. As a proud supporter of the Games and the country of Brazil, Cisco is connecting more Brazilians to technology and business opportunities to help build a better and more connected future for the country. As Cisco’s trusted digital partner for more than nine years, we are excited to be called upon to help them tell this story digitally.

The world’s largest sporting event deserves a world-class digital experience, and together with Cisco, we designed an integrated digital experience that not only connects fans and Cisco employees to the Games, but also takes them behind-the-scenes to experience the Games and the city of Rio like never before.

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The question we asked ourselves is how can we share Cisco’s experiences and journey to the 2016 Games in an engaging and unique way? We wanted to connect thousands of employees and millions of fans and partners with an exclusive look at the technology and people who are making the Games possible as well as get them digitally involved. Together, we developed two different platforms to tell that unique story to individual audiences.

The Cisco Rio 2016 Games website was the hub for Cisco employees, partners and fans to dive deeper into the journey Cisco is taking to transform Brazil. We knew that to give these fans a more engaging experience, we had to not only tell a great story, but create a platform that draws users into the content.

Telling a great story is a fantastic start. But creating a journey that highlights that story creates an unforgettable experience.

A new storytelling platform was designed that would serve as a flexible and robust way to digest content. By using dynamic scrolling, we were able to guide a user through the story and slow down and speed up the pace of the content depending on the story. Additionally, animation effects that loaded in and swapped images throughout the story added a dynamic and custom experience. While creating a very custom and ‘boutique’ style storytelling experience, we were also conscious of Cisco’s needs. Because of Cisco’s involvement in the Games, they were capturing amazing photos, stories, and videos nearly 24/7 leading up to the Games and wanted a platform that would allow them to quickly update the site with the latest content as it became available. Several templates were developed to allow for easy updating, reorganization, and modification. In all, we developed a whole new way for Cisco to create, publish, and share storytelling in an age of connecting users.

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In addition to the public-facing Cisco Rio 2016 website, in partnership with Cisco’s IT team and close collaboration with the Global Marketing Lead, Alex Rosen, we created a mobile platform for their employees to engage and share their experiences during the Games. Leveraging the latest mobile technology, we created an exclusive app to connect global Cisco employees to each other and to the Games. The iOS and Android app was designed to share the latest news and information about Cisco’s programs and impact in Rio, an interactive map with information about the events and venues, and stories about the people making it all possible. In addition, we developed the app to serve as a communication network that would allow people to comment on new stories, share their own Olympic-related photos and messages (including posts to be entered into company-wide contests), and even compete in fitness challenges with co-workers around the globe.

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