My Lexus and Beyond - Giving Lexus owners a personalized, exclusive experience on mobile.


Consistently ranked top in customer satisfaction, Lexus is always looking for new ways to enhance owner experience. Their team came to us looking to take their award-winning online owner experience ( from desktop to mobile and tablet devices.

Current Lexus owners already have access to all their vehicle information and service history through For a mobile application to be valuable to these users, there had to be a value-add. Joining with Lexus we asked, how can we go beyond simply replicating the features on to give owners something more?

My Lexus app on you ipad


Lexus is known for providing highly personal service and our mobile companion was designed with that in mind. Taking advantage of the exclusive functionalities of mobile or tablet devices, we designed the application so it gave owners quick access to their vehicle’s service history, the location of the nearest Lexus dealer or service center, and mobile-optimized “how-to” videos. The app also included exclusive features such as vehicle and maintenance alerts, one-of-a-kind Lexus owner benefits for nearby restaurants and hotels, and stories written specifically for Lexus owners. The latter cover everything from sneak peaks of the latest Lexus technologies to recommended travel, arts and lifestyle experiences.

Lexus Mobile App screenshots


Over 800 new Lexus owners downloaded the “My Lexus and Beyond” app, which was designed exclusively for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). The roadmap for the app spanned two years, so that Lexus could continue to develop an exclusive experience tailored to the needs of Lexus owners. New features continue to be added in response to real users’ feedback and data analytics help us to continually build engagement. With an average engagement time of over six minutes, “My Lexus and Beyond” is one of the most successful and engaged mobile apps Lexus has ever released.

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