What if planning a vacation online was more than just “Things to do” and “Places to stay”?

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Already one of the most visited sites for travelers to learn more about Utah and plan their travels, the Utah.com team came to us with the challenge of redefining their position to be more than just a "Craigslist for Utah travelers".

When we dove deeper with the team at Utah.com, we uncovered a core problem - the brand needed to tell a story that resonated with both its target audience and its team members.


Through research and collaboration, we decided that the new Utah.com can only be successful if it helps travelers discover the best Utah has to offer. Instead of creating just another travel site loaded with coupons and ads for every hotel, ski resort or gift shop in Utah, we went to the people who know Utah best - the locals. Utah.com, as the official site of the people of Utah, should reflect the best of the Utah - local wisdom and authentic advices for traveler looking for the best experience at Utah.



Since it’s initial launch around a decade ago, Utah.com had grown to cumbersome experience with a long list of features and advertisements, making it nothing more than a “classifieds” site for Utah’s advertisers. Learning from our exercises to redefine the Utah.com brand, we focused on designing an online experience that represents their new brand essence - Local and authentic. To pull this off, we knew we had to strip the entire site down and rebuild from the ground up.

When a traveler visits Utah.com, he/she is instantly inspired with specific activities to engage him/her.. “How to enjoy Snow Canyon with 3 kids, 4 hikes and in 5 hours” or “go on a Scavenger Hunt in Arches National Park.” Specific vacation ideas lead the visitor to more inspirational travel opportunities as well as “Local View” articles, featuring travel itineraries, local eats and lodging recommendations written by local Utahns.

Like a good trail guide, the site is designed to excite users about the journey ahead, but not get them lost. Every destination, thing to do, and place to stay keeps the visitor in-context, allowing them to backtrack or dive deeper. From inspiration to conversion, the new Utah.com would be a “one-stop shop” for people planning a trip.

Travelers want local wisdom and authentic advice when they travel to a new destination. Any travel site should offer nothing less than that. Utah.com


Our mission was to work with Utah.com to help them define their brand, shape their story and inspire travelers to visit Utah and explore what it has to offer. With the new design of Utah.com, we had the opportunity to help create the ultimate travel resource, featuring beautiful photos, highly engaging content and a streamlined user experience for travelers. This is a digital destination by the people of Utah, for the people of Utah; the tone, the energy, and the personality of the site all reflect that unique perspective.


"The experience with The1stMovement was refreshing. Right from the start they forced us to become engaged as an entire group, which was needed, to transform the brand and user experience of Utah.com."

Chad Taylor, General Manager, Utah.com at Deseret Digital Media

Digital Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Development

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