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Back in the saddle again

We have a long rich history with Wide Open West(WOW!), one of the largest cable TV, broadband internet and telephone providers in the United States, and have had the pleasure of calling them our partner for the last 5 years working on projects ranging from their previous B2B website to their current B2C Website. So when they brought us the challenge of making their current website responsive in reaction to an increase in mobile traffic, we were excited to jump back in the saddle.

However, we knew that the old site had grown long in the tooth and since it was a desktop-only site, it didn’t have the infrastructure and UX necessary to support a more modern, mobile-first experience.


Responsive isn’t a differentiator, it's a requirement

We decided the best approach would be to step back and address the website from a more strategic standpoint. We knew the responsive was necessary – in most cases it goes without saying. But our biggest challenge we faced was notoriety. How do we differentiate WOW! from the behemoth cable companies that used flashy promotional prices and enticing bundle packages to lure in new customers? With these challenges in place, we embarked on our process of extensive user research, stakeholder interviews, and hours in a room collaborating together, sketching, discussing, erasing, and resketching until we had our aha moment:

Customers aren’t looking for a ‘triple-play’ bundle, or the fastest possible internet. Customers are looking for something many providers aren’t offering: A company that understands their personal needs backed by outstanding customer service.

And so we asked ourselves: how might we create a custom experience that helps customers find products and services based on their personal needs instead of upselling them to oversized bundles and contracts?



In place of their traditional landing page, we built a self-selecting module page that allowed users to choose relatable, need-based options like, “Gaming Online” or “Sharing Internet with Roommates” instead of the usual industry informational forms. WOW!’s users could now engage with the site on a personal level and control all of their own navigation with simple drop-down menus, allowing them to get to the right services for them quickly and seamlessly.


Nothing will ever be the same.

Together, we created an experience that felt not only personal, but made the right services and packages easier to find. WOW!’s sales team reported more calls, more closed sales, and an increase in mobile traffic proving that even in the competitive world of telecommunications you can still challenge the status quo.

Digital Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Development

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