We're Human.
Just Like You.

We’ve been voted one of the best places to work five years standing. And we’re convinced it’s because we foster an environment that makes people happy, plain and simple. The fact that we are genuinely excited about what we do? Also a plus.



What brings us together is the values we share. They’ll always be there, defining how we think, act and communicate, even as our tactics change and our agency grows. You can sum them up simply: Bring passion to work. Foster teamwork, not politics. See a challenge? Own it and solve it.

Meet the team

We like to think of ourselves as a bit of a digital family. When pressed, here are the nice things we had to say about each other:

Ming Chan
I considered myself a Star Wars geek until I met Ming.
Managing Director
Jenn DePauw
Jenn might be a perfect Colorado soccer mom. Just don't rub her wrong or she'll go Jersey on you.
Technical Lead
Bryan Encina
Bryan is damn smart, a good coder. Apparently he also owns at Street Fighter. Who knew?
Interactive Producer
Chris Fisher
Chris’ excellent hair is only matched by his excellent eye for photography.  
Associate Creative Director
Joe Gray
Joe has a very imaginative sense of humor. It shines through in the most regular conversations.
Interactive Producer
Mag Shum
Mag is a fashion champ. She always has the coolest work bags.
Web Developer
Iaian Weber
Iaian is the only person who gives me a run for my money at Rocket League.
Technical Lead
Randy Winch
If there is one thing you should know about Randy, it's his power of persuasion…That guy can always convince me to go out for lunch.
Interactive Developer
Andre Yi
I’m envious of Andre's fine art work. There's an exposition of creativity going on outside his work at T1M